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“Chitrakar” in Nepali means “Artist”. In ancient times, the name Chitrakar was given to a group of people who made art their living.

Art Gallery

Chitrakar Gallery started with humble beginnings in a little shop/workshop in a tiny village at few minutes’ drive from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Kanchha Chitrakar made his living from making clay masks of gods, of which, Nepal, a country dominantly Hindu, has an abundance of. Making masks of gods and demi-gods was an art, religion and livelihood in itself. After Kanchha gained popularity in the artistic world, his children as well as his grandchildren got involved in the business and after his passing, the business passed on to his children and his grandchildren. Arun Chitrakar, Kanchha’s grandson, has taken the business a step further and expanded Kanchha’s vision with a big leap into showcasing for the world that art in itself has no boundaries, no religion and needs no words.
In the past, only people who have visited Nepal had been able to dip into the artistic bounty that Nepal has to offer. From its art, to its natural abundance, to beauty only excellence could hone. And to take home small souvenirs of a country so plentiful. Now, we invite you to grace your homes with art from a Nepal. Arun’s main aim is to promote Nepalese art and artists in Australia.

As part of our social responsibility, the Chitrakar Gallery has also been working in affiliation with the local community based NGO’s for the benefit of the underprivileged and the marginalized groups with major focus on children working as child labour in hazardous sectors of Nepal.

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