Chulho is a Traditional Nepali stove that is made out of mud. People in rural areas, where the sophisticated modern gas stoves are not as common, use it for cooking purpose. Also the people in many parts of Terai & Hills use it as an alternative cooking oven. After 16 years in the restaurant business, 9 Years in farming, and several years dedicated to the study of nutrition, we decided now was the right time to take all that experience and synthesize it into a local eatery where people can enjoy exquisite food, support local food producers, and eat the kind of food they can feel good about.

Chulho, as an authentic Nepalese and Indian Cuisine, serves typical Nepali and Indian Dishes in the original taste as its form. Chulho has main focused on the originality of the taste of foods that it offers to all the stepped in personels. Chulho Authentic Neplease and Indian cusine serve a wide variety of Nepalese and Indian Cuisine with fantastic environment. We along with our food and our hospitality try to represent Nepal and India and their culture. We are located at 70 Wigram st, Harris Park NSW, and we are available for delivery and pickup.

Phone: (02) 9633 2425