Mirmire Nepali Taste

According to Nepalese dictionary, the word ‘Mirmire’ has two different meaning. The first is the symbolisation of the time period either just before sunshine or just after sunset where the sky turns slightly yellow and orange. Therefore, it represents ‘dusk’ and ‘dawn’ in general. Secondly, ‘Mirmire’ is used to metaphorically describe a beautiful eye as well.

Team Mirmire had always wished to introduce not only authentic Nepalese dishes but also Nepalese culture and traditions in Hobart. Though Nepalese food and culture had been already introduced, these had been limited within houses or if not, presented in association with Indian food and cultures. The variety in Nepalese food is a reflection of Nepal’s cultural and ethnic diversity. The foods thus carry an essence of the spices and products from the Himalayas to the tropical region of the southern region of Nepal. Mirmire Nepali taste is a presentation of a synthesis of at least a small portion of this diversity through a fusion of Asian dishes to start with and with further promotion of typical authentic food and culture. Through a choice of a comprehensive menu, which also includes Asian foods, we thus have decided to present a real taste of Nepalese cuisine.

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