DIGI Mart Hub

Digi Mart Hub is a completely new level of digital marketing where a digital screen is placed that displays pictures, videos in various locations in real-time with impressions. A brand new platform to get in touch with South Asian clients inundated around groceries, cafe and function centers all on Sydney. Foreseeing its huge potential, We have been able to scoop its permanent advertising spots in many of the vibrant and popular groceries, restaurants, and functions center for your advertisement. These platforms have seen the usual client turn out to be numerous. Hence, maximum exposure that our advertising client could benefit from. From playing your favorite business anthem to projecting your business mission, vision, and values in real-time, Digi Mart Hub shines with the customers that spend at least quarter to half-hour on these platforms. With a controlled cloud system, a real-time advertisement is run from the central system that controls, uploads, and scheduled the entire Cycle.

Phone: 0402 686 211