Mandala Nepalese Restaurant

Mandala Nepalese Restaurant was born in the year 2004. It is conveniently located at 121 Avoca Street Randwick, New South Wales. The staple food of Nepal comprises of Dal Bhat and Momos. Our aim is to provide every customer an authentic Nepalese experience. Nepalese cuisine is a variation of the Asian food. It also has influences of India, Tibet and Thailand cuisines. The food is based on soil, climate and customs. Nepalese cuisine comprises of Pahari, Tibetan, Newa, Terai, Tharu and lohorung cuisines. Nepalese dishes combine a range of attributes from its neighboring countries coupled with its own gastronomic history. Dishes of this country are healthy as they use less fats and more vegetables, pickled dishes, salads and lean meats. The Mandala restaurant food represents the traditional family fare served in homes across Nepal and at festivals. The traditional home style cooking, generous servings, flawless presentation, dutiful staff; a warm Nepalese ambiance is what makes us an award winning restaurant. The head chef has over 10 years of experience cooking royalty dishes at various 5 star hotels in Nepal and the feedback that we receive from customers on a daily basis is a testimonial of his creations. Easy banquets filled with delicious Indian dishes are just a short click away when you order with us online. Combine your favorite entrees with rice and finishing with delicious Mango Kulfi. Spices are used mildly and the addition of it is purely personal. Nepalese people mainly have a vegetarian diet. Non vegetarian dishes are served only at special occasions. Condiments include small amount of pickle, spicy chutney. Other main meal side dishes include lime, sliced lemon and fresh green chili. No matter what you order, be assured that we would provide only the highest quality cuisine at an affordable price. We would like you to experience the distinctive flavors of Nepal evoking fond memories or encouraging you to visit this restaurant time and again.

Phone: +61 2 9326 6887
Opening Hour: Tue-Sunday 2:00PM- 10:00PM