Nepal Australia Friendship Association Qld Incorporated

The Nepal Australia Friendship Association (NAFA) was formed in January 1989 as the Australian Nepal Friendship Association (ANFA) Queensland. The name was changed to NAFA in 1993. NAFA is a Brisbane based non-political, non-profit, volunteer organisation

The objectives of the current aid program are to:
Improve the physical, social, emotional and economic well being of community members in villages and larger towns in Nepal.
Provide financial assistance to community based projects.
Encourage full participation by community members.
Provide assistance in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner.
Ensure activities focus on urban and rural areas.
Ensure that development projects assist all members of a community, particularly women and children.
All projects should be self sustaining.

Monitoring and evaluation is undertaken by Nepali partners and where possible by NAFA members visiting Nepal.