Nepali Pathshala Gold Coast

Nepali Pathshala is a not-for-profit based community program initiated by the Nepalese Community Gold Coast (NCGC) to promote and preserve the Nepali language.

‘Nepalese Language and Culture Centre (NLCCG) - (‘Nepali Pathshala’)’ is a not-for-profit based community program initiated by Nepalese Community Gold Coast (NCGC) supported by Nepalese Association of Qld (NAQ), The Migration Centre Southport (TMC) and ‘Nepali Pathshala Brisbane’.
The objective of this program is to preserve, promote, and expose the Nepali language primarily to children of parents who had an ancestral connection with Nepal.
The Nepali language is now officially recognized as credentialed community language by Govt. of Australia.
In addition, every now and then we will also organize fun-filled activities for kids and the participating parents so that the whole program is perceived as an entertaining experience rather than another study burden by kids.
This is also an opportunity for our kids to expand their network and make friends for life.