Nepali Society of Tasmania

Nepali Society of Tasmania (NEST) is a community-based organisation established in 2012. The Organisation aims to bring together Nepali or those with an interest in the welfare of Nepal and Nepali to provide support and unify people from a Nepali background. The Organisation is the result of several community meetings with general community members.

NEST has been promoting our community in broader Australian culture and keeping our culture alive in this foreign soil. Culture is a very important aspect of life and it is important to pass it to the upcoming generation who resides in Tasmania.

Nepalese Society of Tasmania is also active in different programs such as organising community integration programs, business meets up, mental health awareness program, blood donation and so on. Since the number of Nepalese living in Tasmania has grown rapidly in the present years the responsibility of the organisation became wider.

The membership of NEST is open to all people and their family members residing in Tasmania, Australia who are originally from the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. People with Nepali or non-Nepali background who are originally from other countries can also join this organisation but shall not hold any decision making and voting rights.