Red Capsicum Reception Lounge

Red Capsicum Restaurant (0466593660) serve cutting edge quality NEWARI, NEPALESE and INDIAN cuisine keeping up international standard food quality.

Red Capsicum Restaurant situated in 89 Railway St, Rockdale, NSW 2216 is marching towards providing cutting edge quality NEWARI, NEPALESE and INDIAN cuisines. At Red Capsicum Restaurant, we shall leave no stone unturned in due providing best quality food, luxury dining experience and pleasing hospitality environment. We are committed to provide unique fusion of NEWARI, NEPALESE and INDIAN cuisines. With the incredible changes growing in the hospitality needs, we are string to keep up international standard food quality concerning every field that we step on.

With a taste of two countries’ rich, cookery heritage, our kitchen has been conscientiously gathered from the royal kitchens of Nepal to the sea swept shores of India. These traditional recipes offer a truly delightful NEWARI, NEPALESE and INDIAN food experience.

Red Capsicum Restaurant offers such authentic food from the Himalayan region that you may get completely lost in the fresh herbs and spices. We bet to make you forget you being currently staying in Sydney as the aromas of cardamom and cumin will take you to the land of the tallest mountains in the world.

For the perfect pleasure on your pallet, choose to go extra spicy or mellow and mild on any selection from the menu.

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Phone: (02) 8964 8576