Samsara Oz


Based in Australia, we attend market stall events and have online eBay store. Our products range from meditation singing bowls, wooden artwork, Hemp backpacks, Hippie/ Funky clothing, Himalayan jackets, Incense & Home Decor items all handmade in Nepal.

Our Nepalese handmade products are made from natural Eco-friendly materials. Our aim is to give you the satisfaction of experiencing the beauty of Himalayan culture and a glimpse of Nepalese handcrafted products and clothing. At the same time promote and support crafting families of Nepal.Our products ranges from mediation singing bowls, wooden artwork, handmade incense, Hemp backpacks, bum bags to Hippie/ Funky cotton and woollen clothing, kids clothing and home decor items.
We attend Market stall around Sydney, please check out our page for regular market dates and events updates.
If you have any enquiries or suggestion, please feel free to let us know.
Dhanyabad (Thank you!) for shopping with us.


Meditation Singing Bowls & Cushions
Cymbals & Bajras
Prayer Flags & handmade Incense
Hemp & Cotton Shoulder bags
Wooden & Resin Artwork
Ladies & Gents Clothing
Kids Clothing
Himalayan Woollen & Gheri Jackets

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