The Gautam Consulting Group

I’m originally from Nepal and honored to be recognized as 'The Digital Entrepreneur'.

I’m dedicated to inspire, educate and help young, migrant and women entrepreneurs who are on a mission to transforming lives and enhancing communities which lead me to serve as an advisor to multiple organizations locally and globally (including USA, Australia, and Asia) ranging from high growth start-ups, government, non-for-profits to large corporations.

I’ve presented at a variety of technology and entrepreneur conferences, throughout many different countries, with world-class thought leaders, like Accenture and Ernst & Young, on the topic of ‘Disruptive Innovation. Smart Entrepreneurship’.

As the world of business, sales and marketing changes, there is a preference to move sales via website, mobile and social media. This is an area where I have specialised in helping many businesses to dominate their marketplace.

Often the question arises, “why should I hire you?”

What I can do for your business and your clients, is show you how to,

• Generate more quality leads
• Convert your leads to sales and opportunities
• Increase profit by 20 – 30% in 90 days with less stress

I understand business, sales, and marketing especially, using technology.

Why I stand out from the crowd is that I have experience as a CEO, Entrepreneur, and Business Growth Strategist.

I continue to refine and add to my knowledge through study, researching and applying what I have learned about business today, for my clients and in organisations which I’m involved in which allows to live a most fulfulling life.
In my spare time, i enjoy travelling, treaking, meeting new friends. I’m married with two children which provide me with purpose and incentive to continue to keep bettering myself.

Phone: 1300 777 847