Dr Prabin Baral - Dental South

Dental South is a family practice that has been opened in the Margate community with aim of providing better access to dental care. The principle dentist, Dr Jessica Manuela, is Tasmanian born and grew up in Kingston for most of her life and is happy to have returned to the area after completing her dental degree in Adelaide. Dr Manuela has a keen interest in providing quality preventative dental care and oral health education to everyone she sees and believes awareness is the key to maintaining oral health and overall well-being. Even the most anxious will find some ease in this small practice as we have tried our very best to cater to everyone’s dental and emotional needs. Sometimes overcoming the fear of going to the dentist is the biggest hurdle. We welcome all patients no matter what your dental history is.

Dr Prabin Baral's our newest dentist to the team. He is a wealth of knowledge and a passionate dental surgeon.

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Phone: 6267 1111
Email: hello@dentalsouth.com.au