Sunshine Ayurveda Wellness Centre

Sunshine Ayurveda is an authentic Panchakarma and Ayurvedic clinic in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, committed to holistic healing with natural therapies to balance your body, mind, and spirit.

Sunshine Ayurveda wellness centre offer a holistic service with an experienced team of doctors and therapists who will advise and treat you competently and sensitively according to ancient principle of Ayurveda.

We have a wide variety of different Ayurvedic treatments in the form of Ayurvedic detox / Panchakarma. We advocate comprehensive healing and regeneration and our approach includes all aspects of life and offer a great new experience on many levels.

What are the services that Sunshine Ayurveda offers?

Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultation:

An ayurvedic consultation is the first and one of the most important steps in your journey into an Ayurvedic/Holistic approach into your healthcare.

Most people coming into Ayurveda don't necessarily have health issues yet, instead they’d like to improve or learn what’s necessary in Ayurvedic health care.

In an Ayurvedic consultation, an Ayurvedic doctor will use unique Ayurvedic diagnosis tools/skills such as pulse, tongue diagnosis to help the Doctor and the individual to understand if the doshas are in balance or not. This is an accurate way of determining the constitution of the client.

The Ayurvedic consultation is there to deliver a more accurate health assessment, and to guide you on how to improve your diet, lifestyle and more.

Panchakarma Detox:

Panchakarma is the Ayurvedic way of cleansing, rejuvenating the body and mind.
This five-fold therapy is always tailored to the client's constitution, depending on the constitutional type, age, imbalances, digestion, immune status and many other factors.

Panchakarma generally includes oil massages, steam therapy, herbal enemas, nasal administration of herbs and oils, and/or gentle laxatives/emetics. All of these treatments help cleans the body from “Ama” (accumulated toxins) which most likely contributed to the imbalance.

Before Panchakarma detox is started, it begins with an Ayurvedic consultation with our Ayurvedic practitioner, who determines your mind-body constitution (Doshas/Prakruti) and tailors the detox to your unique requirements that are best for you.

What are our most popular therapies?

Abhyanga / Ayurvedic oil massage:

Abhyanga is a therapeutic ayurvedic massage that uses medicated oil and herbs, soothing for the whole body. This type of massage detoxifies and relaxes the body and mind. Also enabling the flow for “Prana” (life energy). Abhyanga can improve blood-lymphatic circulation, muscle tone, relieves blockages, eliminate Ama (toxins), nourishing tissues and improves ‘Ojas’ (Natural Immune System).

Shirodhara / Third eye therapy:

Shirodhara is a treatment that consists of gently pouring warm, medicated oil on the centre of the forehead (Third Eye), to quieten the mind and awaken the senses. By supporting your quality of sleep, Shirodhara also helps alleviate stress, anxiety, anger, panic attacks, depression, migraines, tinnitus, hair loss, Neurological problems and much more.

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Opening Hour: Monday-Saturday - 9:00 AM-6:00 PM